Mission and Vision

Mission and Vision


Promoting mental diversity and new models of psychosocial healthcare within the community with emphasis on:

  • Respect of personal boundaries and individual beings
  • Honesty and sincerity in communication
  • The responsibility for one’s feelings and actions
  • Courage in questioning, awareness and action
  • Open dialogue
  • Tolerance, acceptance and support of diversities
  • Creativity and professionalism in our work and work with beneficiaries
  • Humor as power
  • The art of listening
  • Optimism and faith in recovery


A society aware that we are all 100% humans, in a beautiful common humanhouse, i.e.:

  • Being welcomed in any of conditions and moods
  • To express feelings, opinions, life theories and practice
  • Interactions founded on equality
  • To have an opportunity to be a peer support group participant
  • Participate in the organization and implementation of activities
  • Create, edit and translate texts
  • Self education on psych diversity and mental health in Croatia and abroad