Daniel Mackler

Daniel Mackler

I also spent ten years working as a psychotherapist in New York.

Being psychotherapist ia an unparalleled experience - and a big privilege. I am immensely grateful that I was able to witness the deepest dilemmas of my clients, to see their "true self" - and provide them with assistance to the best of my skill and ability.

In March 2010, I stopped working as a psychotherapist. I was ready to search for new horizons, new challenges, new freedom, and it was exactly what I found. I traveled, by couch-surfing and hitchhiking, since then I've made three new films, learned new languages, learned about myself and continued to recover from the childhood trauma, and in many ways I stayed still connected to the world of mental health - studying it, criticizing , trying to figure out what is good, and how to improve it.

My inspiration comes from self-reflection. My "true self" and "I" in each of us, is a veritable factory of purity and energy. In the last 20 years, I give a special attention to self-reflection. Experience has shown me that the answers we're looking for are already in ourselves - we just have to find them. My journey of self-discovery and learning about myself now includes writing a journal, dream analysis, abstinence from sexual relations, creative expression, spending time with "positive" friends - as well as the hard work!

More about Daniel Mackler can be found on www.wildtruth.net